Bye Bye LinkedIn Carousel - Digital Marketing News 24th November 2023

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Bye Bye LinkedIn Carousel – Digital Marketing News 24th November 2023

Bye Bye LinkedIn Profile Video Bye Bye LinkedIn Profile Video

New features are great, but it’s annoying when they go away. LinkedIn loves launching and then deleting features A recent cull saw the end of link stickers, profile videos and carousel posts (no not documents another thing). At the time content created with these features remained, you just couldn’t change it. So I kept my profile video, even though it was a bit random and out of date But now the profile videos are about to disappear, as are any link stickers or carousel posts. Bye Bye Instagram Guides Bye Bye Instagram Guides

Do you use guides on Instagram? If so be aware, they’re going away. They always looked like a good idea but did people use them? Did they look at them? Maybe not, because Instagram is giving them the axe. On December 15th guides will be converted to collections. Which as far as I can see can’t be shared. Get a headstart on Google Analytics 4 & understand the lingo with the GA4 phrase book Get a headstart on Google Analytics 4 & understand the lingo with the GA4 phrase book
Amazon checkout on Meta Amazon checkout on Meta

Confirmed by an Amazon spokesperson, it will soon be collaborating with Meta ads so that people can check out with Amazon without leaving the social media apps. To buy, you’ll need to link your Amazon account to your Meta account. At first, I thought sellers on Amazon would be able to advertise but it seems it will be ads from Amazon themselves. In good news, this data sharing could help advertisers as Meta will be able to understand more about consumer behaviour. Customise your TikTok feed Customise your TikTok feed

Could algorithms be changing? Instead of trying to guess what you want to see, they will start asking you. That’s what’s happening on TikTok. Users are getting a notification that asks them what they want to see in their For You feed. And if you can’t think of anything it offers prompts. It will interesting to see if people will see more of what they ask for, and if they do, will they like it. Gmail prompts unsubscribes Gmail prompts unsubscribes

Gmail is working on a big fat unsubscribe button for promotional emails. If launched it will appear prominently, but not every time, on promo emails encouraging you to unsubscribe. Although this sounds like a bad thing for marketers it could help you to keep our list clean in the future. Threads coming to EU? Threads coming to EU?

Could we be getting threads in the EU soon? Possibly. In a screenshot shared by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi we can see that, at the very least, Threads is readying itself for the moment it will happen. The shot shows a banner saying ‘Threads EU Launch’. We can only hope… Snapchat makes you happy Snapchat makes you happy

Snapchat is associated with Joy… according to Snapchat. In a study conducted by Mindshare in association with Snapchat, the network shows to be almost the only one that gives joy. Facebook wins for connection and WhatsApp for belonging. Maybe if we all rejoined Snapchat all the problems of the world would go away?

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