Apple Privacy Is Coming For Your Link Tracking – Digital Marketing News 16th June 2023

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Apple Privacy Is Coming For Your Link Tracking – Digital Marketing News 16th June 2023

Apple removes tracking links

Tracking links are a crucial part of how we measure our marketing success. You can create links that will show you the effectiveness of your social media, your ads, your referral marketing, and your affiliate marketing.

But Apple’s new iOS and Mac operating systems could put a stop to that. According to 9TO5 Mac, these new OS will strip tracking codes from the apps. But only where they are user-identifying. 

That means you will still be able to see a specific email campaign that drove clicks and conversions, but any customer number or identifier will be removed.

WhatsApp Channels

There are some things we’ve all traditionally used Twitter for. Like, ‘Is Instagram down for everyone?’, ‘Are the roadworks in town finished?’, ‘What time is the match?’ 

With the changes to Twitter, many of the brands and services that provided the answers are looking for a new home. Could that be ‘Broadcast Channels’ on WhatsApp?

Announced last week these will be broadcast-only feeds that you can subscribe to for announcements and information.

But it’s not limited to that. In screenshots shared by WhatsApp, it looks like bloggers and businesses will be able to create broadcast channels to share their ideas and tutorials. It’s a bit like social media without the right to reply.

There is no doubt that working with creators is an amazing way to grow your business. But how do you find creators to work with?

There are lots of agencies, tools and websites that can help you but if you want to find new faces a new feature from TikTok could help.

‘Open Applications’ will allow brands and businesses to apply to become a creator for them. This could be great for encouraging your existing fans to create for you and find up-and-coming creators.

New LinkedIn video ads

When you advertise on social networks you aren’t just adverting on social networks. You’re tapping into their ‘audience networks too’. These are select sites and apps that have agreed to host ads produced on the platform.

LinkedIn just expanded its audience network so it can offer ‘in-stream’ video ads. These are ads that will play ‘pre-roll’ and ‘mid-roll’ on long-form videos on these sights. 

Although pre-roll and mid-roll ads are often an annoyance to viewers it could be a way to build your brand with a business-orientated video consuming target market.

No Reddit API charge for accessibility apps

Last week Reddit declared that it would charge $20 million per year for access to its API. But it’s made an exemption for noncommercial tools that “address accessibility needs”.

This is possibly in response to calls from the subreddit r/Blind. It would be nice to see Twitter do the same.

Newsletters are going to Gmail spam 

According to Search Engine Journal, a whole bunch of email newsletters are going straight to spam, for no reason, instead of being delivered to subscribers.

They saw a huge drop in open rate and when they queried it with their service provider Mailchimp, it confirmed it was an issue and they were working with Google to correct it.

Is this just a Mailchimp problem? A quick look at my Spam folder found newsletters from Squarespace and others alongside Mailchimp.

Twitter DMs seem to have gotten even more spammy recently. In fact, I get so many unsolicited messages I tend to ignore them all now. 

But in good news (almost). Twitter seems to be working on limiting the ability to send DMs to non-followers to those who subscribe to Twitter Blue.

So yeah, pay to spam on Twitter could be a thing now.

#Twitter is working to allow only verified users to:

1. add people that don’t follow them to a group
2. create a group with users that don’t follow them
3. send Direct Message requests to people that don’t follow them

— Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a)

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