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A Full-service Web Design Agency – Riithink Digital Marketing Chapel Hill

Research & Planning | Step One

What is the purpose of your website?

The first step is to meet with you as the client. This initial meeting allows us to gain insight into the purpose of the website and to decide what elements and content need to be included. We’ll work with whatever information you give us and compile marketing research to structure a site map from there. Based on your desires and our knowledge of the field, we’ll be sure to develop a plan that best fits your needs.

Design & Layout | Step Two

Let’s start designing a layout.

After we’ve compiled a basic structure for your website, we begin the design phase. We’ll create a wireframe that shows all visual elements and the layout of each page. This wireframe includes areas for copy, graphics, images, video and any other content. We’ll pull in your colors and logos to integrate your brand and present consistency across all pages. We’ll show you an initial draft of the design before continuing to the next phase in order to make sure our design meets your expectations.

We’ll make it functional and responsive.

Once the website has been fully designed from a creative standpoint after initial client feedback, we begin working with our development team to ensure the website works functionally. In this stage, we check all navigational items on the site and code any items that need functionality because we want your website to be both beautiful and functional. In addition, we look into the website’s responsiveness and compatibility with both mobile and web during the development stage.

Presentation & Launch | Step Four

Time to reveal.

The next step is to present the website to the client. We’ll walk you through the site and explain our thought process behind each of the decisions we made throughout its creation. We’ll test the navigation throughout and make any final edits based on the client’s suggestions. Once we have final approval, we’ll have our development team connect the site to a host and prepare it for its launch. We’ll also recommend methods of how to market your new website and reveal it to your target audience. Riithink will also ensure that your site remains active and up-to-date with fresh content as necessary. We stay in touch so that we’re available for any website needs you may have during the site’s longevity.

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