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8 expert tips for getting started with your website design – Robintek: Columbus Website Design, Graphic Design & SEO Company

Especially if you’re brand new to web design, choosing the right tools and design elements can be overwhelming. But with some expert guidance, you can get your site started off right.

Picking a domain name may seem like a simple task, but it’s often more difficult than you’d think.

Ensuring that your website’s navigation is clear and organized is a key element of creating a positive user experience. This includes your main menu and footer, as well as any other menus used on your website.

3. Implement a streamlined, brand-focused design for a positive user experience

When it comes to your site design, several factors can be optimized for the best possible user experience. An overly complicated design or clashing colors can quickly turn a new visitor away.

Choose a color scheme and font family that are easy on the eyes, so your website is easily readable. Format your pages and text using headings, subheadings, bullet points, and lists to break up large blocks of content.

This allows your customers to quickly scan your site to find what they need. Additionally, make use of white space and graphics to streamline the page flow and direct the visitor’s eye to the most important content.

In addition to a user-friendly design, incorporating compelling imagery and videos into your website helps engage your visitors and build your brand identity.

If you have professional photos of your business and products, include those throughout your site. You will also want to use high-quality graphic design elements in your layout to draw attention to your content. Blurry, small, or poor-quality images will dissuade your visitors from spending time on your website and completing conversions.

Today, many consumers prefer to buy from brands that align with their personal values and appeal to their interests. Customers also like to know about the people behind the scenes. For this reason, putting effort into your About page design is crucial.

You can include headshots and profiles of your staff, a history of your company, and your mission statement to give potential customers a clear idea of who you are. Visitors who like your company’s values, products, and messaging are more likely to return as loyal customers in the future.

If your site isn’t mobile responsive in 2022, you’re likely missing out on a large chunk of potential customers.

Since the majority (54%) of all global online traffic comes from mobile devices, ensuring your website displays correctly is critical to establishing a good user experience for your visitors. Otherwise, your potential clients may opt for a competitor with a better mobile design.

For example, you may want to add a CTA button that allows users to download an educational resource like an e-book. Or the CTA may direct the customer to learn more about a service, purchase a product, or subscribe to a newsletter.

In addition, you can add other CTAs to your body content, on your home page, or services page to encourage more conversions.

While it’s never been easier to create a website with the resources available today, many business owners find that designing and maintaining their site is more complex than they imagined.

No matter what kind of guidance you need with your website, reach out to us at Robintek. From choosing the right tools to get you started to upgrading your site to work better for your needs, we can help. Request a consultation today!

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