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6 of the Best Free Software Programs For Your Gaming PC – Website Design Baltimore | SEO Baltimore | CGS Computers

Last updated on June 1st, 2022 at 10:30 am

Once you have that awesome gaming PC, it’s time to take advantage of some free software programs that’ll run amazingly on it.

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A high-spec gaming PC won’t serve you enough to have the best experience of gameplay. Some gamers need to record their screen while live streaming for their YouTube channel. Others need to free up RAM space for a smoother movement and better graphic quality. Sadly, your PC won’t be able to solve all problems alone.

There are many pricey software that offer solutions to gamers, but why bother to spend some money when there are great software options that you can get for free. Whatever problems every player may face, this article provides the most essential software to maximize and level up gameplay. Check out 6 of the best free software programs to install on your gaming PC below!

1. OBS Studio

Planning to open a gaming YouTube Channel? OBS Studio is the perfect software to record your gameplay. It’s a-must software that helps connect and stream content from your computer to Band Lab. OBS is frequently the first choice of many free software programs for even professional streamers as it’s feature-rich and performs well.

OBS can stream directly to YouTube and Twitch without much fuss in setting up. Additionally, OBS helps you prepare your camera and microphone to serve the best audio/video for live streaming. To use this software, your computer or laptop should have the requirements below.

OBS doesn’t cost you a dime to download and use. Besides, it has a user-friendly interface and supports HD streaming. A tip to have a more professional-looking video, you can add webcam footage to your live streaming.

2. Steam

As a game lover, you must be well aware of Steam. It’s a free gaming software and marketplace that allows you to find new brand titles. Steam provides a wide range of titles ranging from arcade games, and AAA behemoths, to simulations.

Steam can be downloaded and compatible for Windows, also Mac OS, and Linux on several occasions. However, the system requirements may vary depending on the games you’re playing. You may need higher laptop or computer specs to play AAA behemoths and simulation games.

Steam is popular for having a wide game library, big picture mode, and the ability to download a game or play it online. However, the software also comes with cons, such as a busy interface and poor customer support.

3. Cortex: Game Booster

If you need software to help you experience a high-quality visual performance while gaming, then you definitely need Razer Cortex: Game Booster. This software is specifically designed for gamers to free up RAM space and is a hot title among free software programs.

Razer Cortex is available for any kind of gaming PC. You can use it for optimizing your PC by cleaning and clearing memory, compressing files to free space, and stopping unnecessary system processes.

On that front, Razer Cortex allows you to have the best experience while gaming with high-intensity graphics. Moreover, it also offers regular software updates.

4. f.lux

Who said you can’t improve your quality of life while spending many hours gaming? As long as you have f.lux, you can get both aspects covered. F.lux doesn’t only take care of your PC or gaming carrier, but most importantly, your health.

The software allows its users to adjust the color temperature of their gaming PC. Interestingly, f.lux can detect your light conditions at the current time to provide the best light for your eyes. Therefore, the risk of having eye strain can be minimized.

Not stopping there, f.lux can also help improve the sleep patterns of gamers. What makes it even more perfect is that it’s lightweight, simple, and works on all Windows PCs. After all, f.lux is an effective software to improve gamers’ quality of life.

5. MSI Afterburner

One of the most basic software every gamer should be aware of is MSI Afterburner. It allows users (Nvidia and AMD graphics cards) to access graphic card settings to boost and maximize their PC performance.

You can monitor PC performance, such as GPU clock speed, temperatures, fan speed, and even allow you to adjust power limits. Above all, MSI Afterburner has the ability to max out your graphic card to experience the best visual aid while gaming.

However, some users review that MSI Afterburner may heat up your gaming PC. To solve that, you’re recommended to turn on a cooling unit before running it.

6. Discord

Among all social media apps, Discord is probably the most suitable app for gamers to communicate. It allows users to communicate by text, voice, and video on a different level.

Gamers can use it for communicating verbally in team games or competitive solo or even organizing a game tournament. Discord lets its users create chat rooms with different labels for various purposes. Even businesses sometimes use Discord in place of a more traditional professional chat solution.

New Discord users may need some time adjusting to operate it. It may be complicated on the first try, but once you get the hang of it, you will find it even more convenient compared to other messaging apps. Discord is definitely a must-have in the world of free software programs.

Free Software Programs: Final Thoughts

Additional software is necessary for gamers to level up their gameplay and support their PC. Every gamer may overcome different problems with their PC, but there is always software that is ready to offer solutions.

Most importantly, the software mentioned above is free and perfect even for beginners. Additionally, most of them are suitable for Windows, Mac, and Linux PC. Once you become more professional with your gameplay, you may consider purchasing software that will serve you more.

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