5 of The Best SEO-Friendly Website Builders

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5 of The Best SEO-Friendly Website Builders

Search engines are the starting point for 68% of all online experiences. Over 53% of all website traffic is organic and comes from search engines. SEO leads have a close rate of 14.6%.

These stats are enough to convince you that your website needs to be SEO-friendly, right? But did you know almost 75% of SEO professionals charge a monthly retainer fee for their services? The costs can add up, so why not do some DIY SEO, to cut down on some of those costs?

One way to help you with this is to use an SEO-friendly website building platform.

By choosing the best SEO-friendly platforms possible, for website creation, you can see two benefits.

  1. Your website will be more SEO-friendly out-of-the-box.
  2. You will be able to take care of basic SEO work yourself, with the help of the tools provided by these website builders.

Below are five of the best SEO-friendly website builders worth considering, the next time you build a website.

Wix is known for helping webmasters create beautiful websites. But the platform has also worked hard to land on the list of top SEO-friendly website builders.

The benefits and advantages of using Wix for SEO include:

  • No coding is required. Using Wix for SEO is simple and intuitive.
  • The Wix Dashboard is already loaded with SEO features, and you don’t have to depend on third-party tools.
  • Linking your Wix website with Google Analytics and Google Search Console is easy.
  • Wix lets you edit meta titles and descriptions for each page on your website.
  • URLs of the pages on your Wix website are customizable.
  • You can alt text to your images in Wix.
  • Wix websites are fast-loading and have a 99% uptime which is good from an SEO perspective.
  • With Wix, you can create a mobile-friendly website and customize it for a perfect display across devices.
  • Wix offers provisions for adding 301 redirects.
  • Wix automatically generates an XML sitemap and the robots.txt file for your website.
  • You can also add canonical tags to all the pages.

Weebly is among the best website platforms for SEO. This is primarily because most of the SEO functionalities come built in with the platform.

It’s known for its customizable themes, affordable plans, and ease of use. And all of it is enhanced by the presence of SEO features on the platform.

Here’s how using Weebly can help you create a search engine optimized website:

  • Weebly allows for updating the meta title and descriptions on each page for SEO.
  • You can customize the URLs to include keywords or depict what the page is about.
  • Websites created with Weebly don’t contain unruly scripts or unnecessary code blocks. This prevents the website from loading slowly.
  • Weebly’s blogging features are also effective, which means you can post great content easily to aid your SEO efforts.
  • Weebly websites are quick loading and responsive.
  • You can add alt tags to images and captions to videos with Weebly, to make them visible to Google and other search engines.
  • Submitting your Weebly site to Google Search Console and using Google Analytics is simple.

WordPress HomepageWordPress is one of the best CMS and website builders for SEO purposes. Although WordPress has very few built-in options for search engine optimization, it offers a host of SEO-friendly tools and plugins you can easily install at no cost. If you choose to use WordPress, consider installing Yoast SEO. It’s quite possibly the most popular free SEO plugin in the world. And if you need help understanding how to install or use it, check out this blog post: How to Use Yoast SEO

Also, WordPress offers tools fit for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users.

Here are some SEO advantages you’ll get with WordPress and its SEO plugins and tools:

  • WordPress lets you customize URLs and create beautiful, memorable, and SEO-friendly permalinks.
  • With plugins like Yoast, you can customize the meta-information on all pages.
  • You can add alt tags for all images on your WordPress website.
  • With WordPress, you can also optimize the media content on your website using plugins. This makes sure media files don’t slow down your site.
  • WordPress lets you create user-friendly, beautiful, and professional websites. This reduces the overall bounce rate, which is a positive SEO signal.
  • WordPress offers a wide range of free and paid SEO-friendly, responsive, and quick-loading themes that you can use.
  • Integrating your WordPress site with Google Search Console and Google Analytics is possible and easy.
  • You can add canonical tags and redirects to your WordPress website.
  • File Manager plugins allow you to upload, edit, and manage the XML and HTML sitemaps, URL list, and the robots.txt file.
  • WordPress has a lot of social media plugins too that can help you further your SEO efforts.

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Squarespace has always been a top option for those looking for a design-centric website. But the capabilities of Squarespace run deeper than just flawless looks.

If you are familiar with SEO optimization best practices, Squarespace offers a fantastic range of SEO tools that you can use to hit the top spot on Google’s search engine results pages.

Here’s are some of the SEO features that Squarespace users can enjoy:

  • Every page on your Squarespace website will have a configuration box. And using this box, you can add meta titles and meta descriptions and also customize the URL.
  • Squarespace has social media integration options too that can help send positive signals to Google. This will ultimately help you rank higher.
  • For advanced users, Squarespace offers an option to add your own code. With this, you can customize things the way you want and get desired SEO results.
  • Squarespace lets you send in indexing requests to Google by letting you submit your website to the Google Search Console.
  • With Squarespace, you can also submit your listings to Bing and Yahoo and rank well on other search engines too.
  • Squarespace’s image file name option doubles as its alt text and helps Google understand and rank the images on your website.
  • Good site speed and guaranteed uptime are some of the things that are already taken of for you by Squarespace.
  • All websites created using Squarespace are mobile-friendly. They will fit the screen and also allow touch inputs.
  • You can add 301 redirects to your Squarespace website.
  • You don’t need to manually add an XML site as the website builder does that for you.
  • Squarespace websites come with SSL certificates.

Ghost closes out this list of top SEO-friendly platforms for website creation. This platform has always been known as a simpler, more customizable alternative to WordPress.

The following SEO features make Ghost a great pick for SEO-focused webmasters:

  • You don’t have to install any plugins or write codes to optimize your Ghost blog. Everything is built into the platform.
  • Ghost offers extensive options for structured data, which is an important ranking factor.
  • The basic metadata (title, descriptions, tags) can be edited from the editor located within the regular page editor.
  • Ghost lets you manage 301 and 302 redirects as per your SEO needs and convenience.
  • You can connect your Ghost website to your social profiles to send positive signals to search engines about the usefulness and content-richness of your website.
  • Ghost automatically uploads the sitemaps and robots.txt file for your website.
  • You can also use canonical tags for the pages on your Ghost website.
  • Ghost websites are fast loading, as per several independent studies, and will help your website rank better.

Rank #1 With the Best SEO-Friendly Website Creation Platforms

No matter what kind of website you run, optimizing it for search engines is important. And with the right SEO-friendly website builder, you can develop a well-ranking website quickly, easily, and affordably.

Pick the one that suits your needs and create a high-ranking website soon.

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