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5 Benefits of a Single Contact for Websites & Hosting – 127 Media – SEO | Digital Marketing | Branding | Web Development

Having a single contact for website hosting, website management, and other areas of your online estate, such as socials and other business profiles, can provide several benefits.

I was working with a historic client recently, regarding the refresh of their website, something we’d built eight years ago. It’s still a reasonably decent website with a good structure but technology has moved on since it was first conceived.

Not only has the technology moved on but also the business it belongs to has developed and grown over the eight-year time frame. So much so, that their website no longer truly reflects the services the business provides, it also doesn’t capture their company values and ethos.

So, they need something new to carry them forward and add value to their business.

One of the things that struck me most about how easy the process will be with this client, was due to the fact we already had, not only the website but also the hosting login details too, as we built the site and host it too.

Never underestimate just how much time can be wasted when a client doesn’t have at least one of these or worse, neither of them. With hosting being the overall worst.

The worst case scenario: the website was built years ago and the person who held all the passwords has left. On top of that, they don’t know who built it or where the website is hosted.

Can we work with this scenario, of course, we can but nowhere near as quickly as we could if someone had these critical bits of information to hand.

Of course, as a business owner or manager, thinking about the company’s website and hosting, isn’t usually fore of thought. Unless it’s an eCommerce website or something that generates a constant feed of leads, then the website can go unnoticed and unloved for many years.

Having a single point of contact for everything makes sense and that’s why 127 Media not only provides website design and website development services but also, website hosting and the ability to look after your entire online estate, such as your socials and other business profiles.

How would I benefit from a single contact for my website and hosting? I can hear you ask.

Here are 5 reasons why I think a single contact helps our clients and how it could help you too.

At 127 Media, we take great pride in our work, which shows in our 100% five-star ratings on Facebook Reviews and Google Reviews.

There are multiple reasons why businesses choose to work with us but the number one thing is – personal service. Over time, this builds trust, which is crucial to any good working relationship.

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