20 Free Chrome Extensions to Fine-Tune Your Digital Marketing Strategies

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20 Free Chrome Extensions to Fine-Tune Your Digital Marketing Strategies

20 Free Chrome Extensions to Fine-Tune Your Digital Marketing Strategies

How much time does it take:

  1. To perform keyword research
  2. To find well-performing keywords and generate content ideas
  3. To A/B test your content ideas
  4. To confirm whether your content is worth creating
  5. And finally, give it approval for writing.

It swallows the entire day or days to finish. And it is just one activity.


You may say, “But I have to invest time for accurate results.”

In the age where there is a tool for everything, you can boil your work down to a click.

Yes, Google Chrome extensions work exactly like a magic wand you can wave to complete a task.

In bonus, they contribute to your marketing strategies, save time, speed up processes, and boost productivity.

Without further ado, let’s take a tour of some of the best free Google Chrome extensions for your digital marketing requirements.

Turbocharge your content marketing strategy

Content marketers carry a lot on their shoulders, from researching topics to hunting guest post opportunities to finding new customers.

Only if you could perform these tasks faster without compromising on quality.

The good news is you can.

A handful of chrome extensions will not only refine your content marketing strategies but also boost your productivity daily.

1. Headline Studio by CoSchedule


Headline Studio by Coschedule helps you hone your titles or subject lines to increase clicks and traffic. It uses comprehensive data to analyze headlines and suggests power words and phrases for creating a clickbait title.


  • Get an overall score of your headline from 1 to 100. The higher, the better.
  • An analysis on whether your headlines are outdoing your competitors or falling behind
  • Get word and character count details to fit your headline within a specific limit.
  • Refer headline history to twist or reuse titles that performed well in the past
  • Visit a library of power and emotional words to refine your headlines.

The tool is helpful to create eye-catching email subject lines, blog titles, landing page headlines, and hooks for social media writing.

2. WordTune


WordTune uses AI technology to transform your sentences into compelling copy. Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines consider AI-generated content to be spam, but you can still use this tool to improve your articles.


  • Offers Grammar assistance
  • Suggests alternatives for your words, phrases, and even an entire sentence
  • Works with Gmail, Outlook, Google Docs, Facebook, and Whatsapp

WordTune’s free version offers 20 Rewrites Per Day. It’s a preferable tool to improve emails, blog posts, and other writing stuff.

3. Grammarly


Grammarly doesn’t need an introduction. It’s an all-time tool to spot grammar and spelling errors. Beyond that, Grammarly exposes awkward phrases and sentences to help you remove the fluff from your writing.


  • Spelling checker catches typos and grammatical mistakes
  • Specific suggestions to make your writing more expressive
  • Real-time feedback on Google Docs, Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, and every other channel
  • An overall score of your write-ups.
  • A personalized report each week on your progress and improvement areas

Grammarly is a handy tool to create error-free blog posts, landing page content, email writing, and all other write-ups.

4. Snippet


Snippet lets you highlight text on the web and store them all in one place. You can annotate websites and  PDF, highlight them in Kindle, and import them to the tool.


  • Highlight any text on any website or PDF
  • Highlight images, charts, and graphs across the web
  • Capture and highlight screenshots
  • Assign a color to your highlights
  • Open the source of highlight with a click
  • All your highlights are saved and backed up in the cloud
  • Access your highlights from anywhere through apps

Snippet helps you highlight important content on the go. You can save content to read or watch later. And sync Kindle highlights to refer to later for marketing inspiration.

5. BuzzSumo


BuzzSumo gives you a total engagement rate of the web pages. It’s the one-click way to

unravel the share count of the particular page and find out the top-performing content.


  • Web page share count on various media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.
  • Evergreen score of the web page. The higher, the better.
  • Find out the most shared content of the website you are currently viewing.
  • Get the total number of articles, engagement, and linking domains of any website.

BuzzSumo’s free plan comes with 10 searches per month.

You can use BuzzSumo to get the most shared content on the web. Generally, marketers use this data as an inspiration to create better content or plan their content strategy.

6. SimilarSites


From now on, there’s no need to jump on Google and type “Similar sites to ….”. With one click, the SimilarSites Chrome extension opens a list of similar sites with details like monthly visits, category rank, and country rank.


  • Instantly find a big list of websites similar to the one you’re browsing
  • Find more blogs like the one you love to read
  • Compare sites and get the best deals at cheaper rates

If you love one site’s content, SimilarSites gives you more sites having similar content. It helps curate content, dive into research, and find similar opportunities.

7. Check My Links


Check My Links detects the broken links on the web pages. It’s an opportunity to email the website’s owners to replace the links with updated ones—a sure-fire tactic for marketers or SEO experts to build backlinks.


  • Finds and checks all links on any web page
  • Highlights valid as well as broken links
  • Spots 404s needing a fix
  • Lets you copy bad links to your clipboard

Marketers and website designers can use Check My Links to find broken links in their own websites and others’.

8. Awesome Screenshot & Screen Recorder


Awesome Screenshot is one of the highly-rated screen capture tools. Apart from taking a screenshot, it lets you highlight, annotate, draw, crop, and blur information.


  • Take a screenshot of the visible area
  • Capture an entire web page
  • Record a browsing session
  • Share your captures and sessions with others

With Awesome Screenshot, you can instantly capture images and record videos for your content. It’s also valuable for sharing essential web elements with your staff.

9. Eye Dropper


If you are a design-enthusiast marketer, Eye Dropper is a perfect tool for you. It lets you pick colors from the web pages and save them to use in images, logos, and other visual elements.


  • Identify colors from any web page
  • Pick colors from local files
  • Get a variety of colors codes like RGB, Hex, and others
  • Export colors in CSV format

If a specific color inspires you on the web, Eye Dropper decodes color details you need to create a similar color for your visual assets.

10. WhatFont


WhatFont is the text version of the Eye Dropper. It recognizes the font of the web pages. Just hover your mouse over fonts to get the font name and click to unearth font details.


  • Offer the font name and details of any web page
  • Supports Google Font API and Typekit
  • Detects font color

If you find the fonts on ads and blogs easily readable, you can use this tool to know the font details and give them a try in your content.

Conduct one-click SEO research

Keyword research? Head to a keyword tool.

Bounce rate? Check out Google Analytics.

Title and meta tag details? Check out website pages.

And much more

Only you know the struggle it takes to jump from one tool to another for the sake of acquiring a single SEO metric.

What if I tell you that you can access all SEO metrics simultaneously in one place?

Enter chrome extensions adding an enormous value to your SEO stack.

11. SEO Pro Extension


SEO Pro Extension analyzes the SEO properties of the website and offers tips on how to boost SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rankings.


  • Get all details, including meta, length, linking, schema, Sitemap, script tags, and more.
  • Identify weak SEO areas of the website like images lacking ALT tags
  • Analyze competitor’s websites
  • Optimize your website with the help of tips gathered from competitor’s websites

SEO Pro Extension is a user-friendly tool to improve the overall performance of your website. It also offers content recommendations for titles, headings, meta descriptions, and content blocks.

12. MozBar


Image Source

Built by Moz, MozBar is an on-page SEO toolbar breaking down the SEO metrics of websites and search engine result pages. It offers Page Authority, Domain Authority, and Spam scores of any domain.


  • Shows the PA and DA in a bar graph format
  • Uncover domains linking back to the website or webpage
  • View custom results from various search engines, countries, states, or cities
  • Highlight the follow, unfollow, internal, and external links

Use MozBar to discover SEO opportunities such as lists of sites that are more likely to offer you backlinks and high-profile domains for guest posting.

13. SEOquake


SEOquake works as an extension of MozBar. It reveals deeper SEO insights along with SEO audits of a webpage. It uses Google, SEMRush, and Alexa to provide in-depth knowledge of any given domain.


  • Provides on-page information including keyword density, internal and external links, and word count
  • Run a thorough SEO audit of any webpage
  • Check the mobile compatibility of a webpage
  • Get social statistics for Google, Facebook, and Pinterest
  • In-depth diagnosis on where your site is performing well and where it needs improvement
  • Compare domains to see where your site stands against your competitors

SEOquake is a go-to chrome extension to run SEO audits, improve your website as per customers’ point of view, and perform competitor analysis.

14. Keywords Everywhere


We all know how much time it takes to perform keyword research for everything starting from website to blog post to paid ads to competitor keyword research. Keywords Everywhere chrome extension speeds up the process by offering you essential keywords on the go.


  • Offers MOZ DA, referring domains, referring links, and spam score of the webpages.
  • Gives you a list of SEO difficulty metrics, related keywords, people also search for, long-tail keywords, and trending keywords.
  • Total number of keywords a URL is ranking for and their SERP position
  • Organic traffic per month of a webpage and the domain
  • Export data in CSV, Excel, and PDF format
  • Video Insights and Tags widget on YouTube
  • Generate hashtags for Instagram

Use Keywords Everywhere to find top-ranking and trending keywords on the go. Save this data to plan your content around keywords having ranking and traffic potential.

15. Similarweb


Similarweb gives you access to a variety of information for a particular site. It offers global website rank, country rank, visitors, engagement, bounce rate, keywords, competitors, and much more.


  • Get the global and country rank of a website
  • Identify the website’s category rank
  • Total number of visitors over time, pages visited per session, and monthly websites visitors
  • Top countries bringing traffic to the website
  • Overviews of the traffic sources such as email, social networks, referrals, etc.

Similarweb helps you escape the manual website research process. A single click avails you a plethora of information to dive in.

Run an effective outreach campaign

What’s the one thing you need to make your outreach campaign more effective?

To make sure you are sending mail to the right person.

Or to confirm your email has a high response rate.

Well, here are chrome extensions to fulfill your desire.

16. Boomerang for Gmail


Boomerang for Gmail uses the power of Artificial Intelligence to help you write superior emails. Apart from that, it lets you schedule emails to send later and track responses, ensuring you hear back.


  • Offers tips to improve your email open rate
  • Schedule emails for a particular date and time
  • Pause the new email arrivals till a specific time
  • Schedule reminders to reply to a message or a follow up in your Gmail account
  • Use read receipts to find out whether the receiver reads your email or not
  • Schedule meetings with the recipients right from your Gmail
  • Use the Magic Live Calendar to show your availability in your email

Boomerang for Gmail provides 10 message credits per month with a free account.

Add this Chrome extension to your productivity tools as it helps you rule the email world without wasting much time.

17. Hunter – Email Finder Extension


Image Source

Find email addresses on the go with Hunter’s email finder chrome extension. When you are browsing a website, the extensions find out the email address of a contact person with a single click.


  • Find the email address of an author or from a website
  • The tool gives you email addresses of people you must contact while browsing a website
  • All email addresses are verified, or you can verify them in the tool

Hunter Chrome extension comes with free 25 searches per month.

Use it as a part of your outreach tool, where finding email addresses is just a click away.

24/7 Social media marketing at your fingertips

Social media marketing has become an unavoidable part of the marketing arena.

It allows you to connect with potential customers at their favorite channels like Twitter and LinkedIn.

But sharing each tweet or a LinkedIn post now and then is an energy-draining task. You may run out of ideas.

Better to keep your bank of ideas full in advance with the below-given chrome extensions.

18. Buffer Extension


Want to share your favorite content on social media without switching from one website to another? Buffer Extension is your answer. The tool lets you share curated content on the go.


  • Share content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest from anywhere on the web
  • Schedule posts to Buffer via the extension
  • Auto-short the URL for convenient sharing
  • Select or add your image or video to the content
  • Directly post the article you find worth sharing while browsing to social media.
  • Add content to social media queue to post in future
  • Sync all your content in one place

Use Buffer Extension to share or schedule social media content on the go.

19. Bitly


Bitly Chrome extension shortens the URL within seconds and copies the new short link to the clipboard to help you share the connection quickly.


  • Click the extension to shorten the current URL you are browsing
  • Customize your back half of the link
  • Cope or share the link on Facebook, Twitter, and email directly from the extension
  • Add or create the tag.

Bitly is an easy-to-use tool to shorten, customize, and share any URL on the web with one click.

20. RiteTag


RiteTag chrome extension helps you find valuable hashtags for the page you are currently browsing. It offers hashtag suggestions for vital social media channels.


  • Receive hashtag suggestions for Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Pinterest
  • Get hashtags for images and text or any website.
  • Colors indicate the strength of hashtags. E.g., green is a sign of a powerful hashtag.

Use RiteTag to get a list of powerful hashtags you can use now to increase the visibility of your content.

Ready to slash down your marketing hours?

Instead of jumping from one site to another, extensions serve you the keywords and domains on a silver platter with just one click.

Another click helps you validate your content ideas.

One more click, and you will have a list of emotionally-appealing titles.

In extras, you share an interesting piece of content on the go.

Dive into the depths of websites, analyzing SEO metrics and success factors.

What could one ask for more?

Your new way of market research awaits new possibilities.

Guest author: Ankit Thakor is working as a Head Digital Marketing at SoftwareWorld.Co, an emerging software review and rating platform that offers in-depth information to our audience about leading software solutions. As a marketing expert, Ankit is responsible for market research and content development for IT and tech users.

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