10 Tips to Success in Your SEO in Asian Market

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10 Tips to Success in Your SEO in Asian Market

A search engine audit of the site is conducted in terms of its ranking in search engines. In addition, you should analyze the site pages for compliance with the information placed on them. Thanks to these works, it’s possible to identify whether or not titles and meta-tags are put correctly on the site’s pages, whether they match the search queries, and whether or not they are present on every page.

It is important to remember that Singapore is one of the world’s leading e-commerce markets. Therefore, the site being optimized must work properly on mobile devices. Due to the lion’s share of traffic from mobile search in Singapore, a massive percentage of hits come from mobile search, and statistics show that more than 50% of buyers come to the site this way.

# 9 Tip: Optimize Images on the Site

It would help if you introduced diversity in content by text and adding images and videos. All images must have optimized alt and title attributes with keywords included. Consider that Singapore has four official languages: English, Malay, Mandarin Chinese, and Tamil.

Therefore, you can write English texts on your site, and the residents of Singapore speak it fluently. However, it would help if you had an editor, namely, a person in Singapore, who would correct the texts and proofread them because there are certain country specifics of communication. Alternatively, you can find a content manager directly on site.

# 10 Tip: Use the Backlinks

There are no link exchanges in Singapore, and by registering in local directories, you are unlikely to attract heavy traffic to your site. However, if you place a link on another resource, you need to take care that it’s of high quality, pay a lot of attention to this stage and concentrate all your efforts on this part of the work on the site. On the other hand, many live blogs in Singapore are readable and have a targeted audience.

Bloggers are your most reliable helpers for website promotion in Singapore. Don’t ignore web admins or site owners and write them cooperation offers. In this case, the form of payment is negotiable, and the decision depends on the blog author. An option implemented in practice is to provide resource owners with gift certificates for services that they have used and then describe their impressions on their websites or blogs.

This scheme works very well. It all depends on your budget, as prominent bloggers ask for their services for a decent amount. It is also necessary to consider that, after reaching an agreement with the blogger, the article’s publication may take up to several weeks. Don’t give up halfway, and you are sure to succeed.

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