10 Blogging Advice Tips For Your Free WordPress Blog » Search Engine Optimization Service for Sri Lanka

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10 Blogging Advice Tips For Your Free WordPress Blog » Search Engine Optimization Service for Sri Lanka

If you have a blog then you know you always need content. This is one of the biggest problems that bloggers face. You know you want to get 5 or 7 posts out a week, but what can you possibly talk about? You’ve talked about everything already! Sometimes, you just need a little friendly advice. Below are ten tips I use to create constant content:

1. Blog Post Inspiration: Find a popular blog post (video posts are great for this) and then review or dissect it on your blog. This way you create content and you might be able to siphon from traffic from the popular blog post.

2. Interviews With Bloggers: People who have blogs like to inject themselves into the online world. They also like links back to their website. Email some of your favorite bloggers and ask if they would like to do an interview. Those who “get it” will jump at the opportunity/

3. Comment Thoughts: Pick a good comment from your blog and share your thoughts about it. Besides creating content you will also be engaging your web visitors. This might make people more likely to leave good quality comments so they can be featured in a future post.

4. How-To: This is simple and straight forward. Do you know how to do something? Then break it down step by step on your blog.

5. List: Much like this article you can create lists on your blog. Some of my most popular blog posts were the most ridiculous lists like; Five Craziest Toilets and Five Manliest Cats.

6. Rants: If you see something that irritates you make a mental note about it. Then when you sit down to make a blog post – let out all your irritation. Be as scathing as possible, really get into to. If you find it is a bit too much you can go back and edit, but the key is to just let your natural vitriol take control.

7. Facebook Statuses: This is a somewhat unique idea. Go into Facebook and find a couple statuses you can share your thoughts about. They can be statuses you find hilarious, annoying or completely inappropriate. I’d stress that you keep them anonymous though!

8. Today’s Tweets: Same as above but use Tweets. You could even combine this with lists so you could share your 10 favorite tweets every Monday morning. There is 1/7th of your content creation taken care of.

9. Reviews: You can review anything! You can review music, TV, Movies, restaurants, service you received at a store and etc… This way you get your content, but you also might get lucky and rank on the first page of Google for a popular TV show or album review. I got thousands of visitors when I made my Eminem: Recovery review.

10. Self Analysis: This can be a tough one because not everyone enjoys putting themselves out there. This can be very helpful for content as well as your personal development. Treat every Friday as your own therapy sessions; share your successes, failures, fears and dreams. Set some goals one Friday, and see if you reach them by the next. This can be pretty scary putting yourself out there, but it can be a day every week you don’t stress about content.

If you use the above 10 methods you should have no problem creating content. With all of the free blogs out there you have no reason not to be building your brand online. Take advantage of the power of blogs and start producing your content right now.

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