UX: an important SEO ranking factor

30-second summary: The story of SEO and UX began almost 20 years ago with both making a foray into the market in the 1990s After years of analyzing data, I found that UX is a critical ranking factor for SEO If you’ve exhausted all your SEO techniques but still don’t see a considerable movement on […]

Social Signals Impact Rankings & 4 Other SEO Misconceptions

It’s 2021 and we can successfully launch a rocket into space, but we can’t stop the spread of misinformation on the internet. Even in marketing, there are things we’ve heard (and maybe even repeated) that qualify as misinformation — nuggets we took as gold to guide our SEO strategies at the time because everyone thought […]

WordPress Related Posts

I received many requests recently on how to display related posts on a WordPress site. The code I present in the video below will grab as many related posts as you want and display them in your WordPress post. The code grabs related posts based off of them being in the same category. It will […]

SEO Harmony: Why B2B Marketers Need To Integrate Search With Content Strategy

Siloed and segmented SEO and content strategies work against B2B marketing success, but can they come together and work to compliment one another? The best SEO specialists can use their skills to make even the most boring B2B content shine in the search engine spotlight — for better or worse, as the case may be. […]

SEO is Turning into a Questions and Answers Game

I was reading an article from my buddy the other day and he had an interesting trend. 14.1% of all searches on Google are in the form of a question. Here’s the breakdown within the United States: How – 8.07% What – 3.4% Where – .88% Why – .82% Who – .6% Which – .33% […]

How to Use Twitter for SEO to Grow Your Business

Keyword optimization, building backlinks, and writing brilliant blog posts aren’t the only way you can increase your website’s visibility through SEO. You can now use Twitter to improve your SEO ratings. Google cracked a deal with Twitter a few years ago to get access to its live tweets data, which indexes tweets on the Google […]